French 1

Aims & Objectives of the group: To provide opportunity to practise and, hopefully, improve members’ knowledge of French and to meet with others who share an interest in France and the French way of life.
Any expertise needed: Some basic knowledge of French is useful – You do not have to be good at it. Enthusiasm and a sense of humour are always welcome!
Equipment needed: Access to a CD player and a computer useful, but not essential. Otherwise nothing
Max number permitted in the group: 9 - we meet in houses and this is the absolute maximum we can accommodate
Location, day & time of meetings: We meet in members’ houses on a rota system. 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month from 10am to 12noon.
A brief desription of of a typical meetingVery difficult, as our meetings vary in content so much.
We follow a coursebook (French Experience 2) and deal with a particular topic, such as booking into a hotel, in a Unit, but we also do crosswords, worksheets, stories, dialogues, word games etc. We have watched videos and listened to French songs on occasions. We subscribe to a French magazine and read articles of topical interest. We have even been known to sing a French song or two..
From time to time, we look at some aspect of French grammar, but only if it will be useful to us.
From time to time, homework might be set, but it is usually a bit of fun and never difficult