Digital Photo Editing

Leader/Coordinator: Fred Bearton

Aims and Objectives of the group: To understand the structure of a digital image from camera to printed picture

To have knowledge and ability to change images by removing objects, altering colour composition, move objects from picture to picture, add text, cropping, straightening, sharpening, and brightening up.

Use of layers, use of computer software and hands on experience

Any expertise needed: None


Equipment needed (rough costs if any): None.


Maximum number permitted in the group: min 4 to max 7

Location, day and time of meetings: Leaders home,Mondays, 10:00am to 12:00noon.


A brief description of a typical meeting: We begin with a recap of progress made to date and then there is an introduction of the topics for the day's activity

A demonstration is given of the topics, encouraging questions at any time.

Two computers are available for members giving immediate hands on experience.

Finally, the members are given the weekly printed notes to complement the software used