Theatre Club

Leader/Coordinator: Daphne Joyes

Aims and Objectives of the group:
To bring together people interested in the theatre in its broadest sense.
• To organise visits to plays, musicals, operas, ballet, concerts
• To advertise events with booking lists
• To provide or support transport – by coach to out of area venues or members offering lifts to local venues
• To invite speakers/artistes to main meetings
• To hold informal meetings – to discuss performances seen; to impart information; encourage ideas from members; to post events noted by individuals that members might like to organise themselves and attend with one or two like-minded people
• To provide members with Theatre Club General rules

Any expertise needed: None

Equipment needed (rough costs if any): None


Maximum number permitted in the group: Not applicable.

Location, day and time of meetings: Methodist Church, The Square, Dunstable. Main meeting - Hall
Informal meeting – Parlour. Fourth Tuesday of each month, except August and December
Main meeting: doors open – 1:15pm, meeting starts at 2:00pm (Sept, Nov, Jan, March, May)
Informal meetings: doors open – 2:15pm, meeting starts at 2:30pm (Oct, Feb, April, June, July).
A brief description of a typical meeting:
The Main Meeting
• Notice boards advertising events, with contact names/phone numbers; booking lists; membership forms
• Speaker/artiste
• Verbal notices Informal Meeting
• Notice boards advertising events, with contact information; booking lists; membership forms
• General discussion re events seen; ideas and thoughts from members re events that might be of interest
Both meetings: register, meeting subs and refreshments