Knit and Natter



Group 1 Rachel Overland

Group 2 Mary Hutchins

Group 3 Penny Tooth

Aims and Objectives of the group: To knit for pleasure and to provide knitwear for those in need whilst having a social chat.

Any expertise needed: An ability to knit or a willingness to learn.

Equipment needed (rough costs if any): Pattern, needles and wool.

Maximum number permitted in the group: 6 or 7

Location, day and time of meetings:


Group 1 Leaders Home  10am on the  2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month
Group 2 Leaders Home  2pm on alternate Thursdays

Group 3 Leaders Home  2pm on the 2nd and 4th Thusday of each month

A brief description of a typical meeting: Everyone knits what they want to and the items made range from baby shawls and coats to jumpers and cardigans for themselves and relatives.
In addition the group knit for the homeless – hats, gloves and scarves which are in great demand as the weather gets colder.
Hats and gloves are also knitted for and sent to the troops in Afghanistan.
The group have responded to an advertisement in a magazine for coats and hats for premature babies.
Whilst knitting the members ‘natter’ on various subjects and a great many useful tips are picked up this way.
Tea or coffee and biscuits are provided during the session paid for through a 50p sub.
Every once in a while the members go out to lunch after their meeting.