Carpet Bowls

Leader/Coordinator: Doug Mitchell

Aims and Objectives of the group: The objective of the group is to provide an activity for both female and male of all ages within the U3A. Giving light exercise and support to each other in terms of transport and any other similar problems where they can help. All at a lower cost than be obtained elsewhere. There is also a social element where they can chat over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Any expertise needed: New members do not need any expertise as they are taught how to play by the members who learnt by the same method.

Equipment needed (rough costs if any): The equipment required is hired from Studham Village
Hall at a cost of £2:00 per week. It consists of 2 Bowling Carpets and 2 sets of 16 woods plus 2 jacks at a total value of £1500.

Maximum number permitted in the group: The max no. is 20 – 4 teams of 4 plus 4 members as a backup for when some cannot attend due to other commitments.


Location, day and time of meetings: The group meets every Thursday, 10:00am to 12:00noon.
A brief description of a typical meeting: After setting up the room we play as many games of 5 ends as can be fitted in. When finished the woods have to be boxed and locked away and the carpets have to be correctly rolled up and stored away and the hall left clean and tidy.