Group Activities


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You must be a member of Dunstable U3A to join any of these groups.




Category Study Group Aims & Objectives


To continue to play badminton at a level commensurate with age of the members within the group

To allow social chat between the games

Ballroom Dancing

To learn the various ballroom dances and to keep fit by having fun.

Bird watching / Nature


To interact with each other in the group to learn more about birds and wildlife around us.
Bird Watch 2 This Group has only been operating for short time and has not yet been fully established, awaiting write of Group Activity  and a Photo
Book Club This another new Group which has just been set up and are awaiting a write up of the Group and how it operates and a Photo



To enjoy the fresh air as we attempt to play a competitive but friendly game of boule.

Ten Pin Bowling


To play Ten Pin Bowling for enjoyment with others

Carpet Bowls


The objective of the group is to provide an activity for both female and male of all ages within the U3A. Giving light exercise and support to each other in terms of transport and any other similar problems where they can help. All at a lower cost than be obtained elsewhere. There is also a social element where they can chat over a cup of tea and a biscuit.



To cycle on and off road as a group for between 13 to 20miles each ride ending with a refreshment break/lunch in a suitable place near the end of the ride. The group size is maximum of 12 and you need to have the ability to ride 20miles each ride on any suitable roadworthy bike.

Make sure you have a pump and puncture repair kit with you.

Croquet Groups A, B and PM


To enjoy the game of croquet, using tactics to win a hoop, playing as a team, being able to play as a mixed group and have lots of fun.

Dancing 16 - 17th

Century Playford

Country dance

To learn and enjoy16th-17th Century English Country dancing and music together with modern dances written in this style. To attain the feeling of satisfaction when the whole set successfully combine the music and movements to elevate pleasurable dancing to joyous dancing. Wow factor.

Exercise and Dance

The Aim is to increase the strength and flexibility of the body, to improve mobility, posture and memory recall. The objective is to achieve this in a fun way with the use of various styles of music with some use of apparatus to extend the efforts required.




To meet as a group and play different courses within a 25 mile radius

To learn skills and rules etc from each other


Line Dancing 1

To keep fit in mind and body in a relaxed and enjoyable way

Line Dancing 2Line Dance


To keep fit in mind and body in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

Scottish Dancing

To learn steps and formations of traditional Scottish Country dances in order to execute the dances competently in class.

Sequence Dancing

Sequence Dance

To dance and learn new dances.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi improves health, relaxation and serenity through its warm-up exercises and set of moves. The aim is to give practitioners a set of exercises that can be performed by individuals almost anywhere at any time. The ultimate aim is to have the whole class proficient in Taoist Tai Chi with the hope that it will be practised regularly so that everyone gets the health benefits from it.

Walking Group 1 (Tuesday)

To enjoy walking in the countryside with likeminded people.

Walking Group, Day (1)



1. To provide access to demanding, day-long, year-round cross country walks.
2. Provide group members with opportunities to plan and lead walks.
3. To create and sustain a friendly group atmosphere to enhance the walking experience.

Walkers 1 (Thursday)

The group has walks of about 5 to 5.5miles on the 2nd and 4th Thursday morning of each month. Members have teamed together in 2's to do the pre walk to make sure footpaths and the tracks are still being used before leading the Walk. The walks are both interesting and sometimes educational in respect of the area being walked. They met at a local Car Park to share Car lifts to the start of the walk which is normally a Public House. After the walk they stop to have lunch or a bit to each at the Pub.

The walking terrain can be undulating sometimes depending on the walk location which is normally no more than 30 minutes drive from the meeting point.

Short Walkers  (Tuesday)

Relaxed Country walks of between 2.5 and 3.5 miles, usually 3miles. This enables members to start doing walks who are not sure how far they can walk and those who now find that 5 miles and over are too much. It is recommended that you have strong walking boots or shoes that will withstand mud and have a good grip. Walks are on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday morning of each month meeting at a local car park to share car lifts to the walk start point. After the walk my stop for a coffee or lunch depending on time walk ends.

Thursday Walkers 2


To do a walk of approx 5 miles in the local area. An extra walk takes placeonce a year by taking the train to Brighton and London

Walking with Dogs

To meet with those who enjoy walking and have dogs to exercise. To discover new suitable walks in the surrounding area. To socialise both people and dogs.
We have members who do not own dogs themselves but bring along a dog from a local rescue centre or a friend’s dog.


To increase flexibility and relaxation through gentle postures which can be adjusted to deal with your personal limitations

Art Appreciation

To learn about all forms of Art and Artists in an informal and relaxed way, using all forms of media…often obtained from the Resource centre. There is a lot of group input and participation. We also have coach outings to galleries etc. paid for separately as extras.

Art Workshop

Artistic development by improving knowledge, skills and technical ability.

Card Making 1

To learn new techniques/colour selection and about types of card folds. To do this in a social situation with sharing of ideas.

Card Making 2

To show other members techniques, equipment use and new ideas in card making.
Most members make cards for celebrations and Christmas in their own homes.



To provide a pleasant, friendly venue for our group where we can chat while doing the embroidery which we all love. This is not a teaching group, though we help and advise as necessary.

This Group is not functioning at the moment until a new Leader is located.

Flower arranging

To help a group learn how to arrange flowers in an enjoyable and friendly way.

Knit and Natter

To knit for pleasure and to provide knitwear for those in need whilst having a social chat.
Knit and Natter 3 Another new group formed recently to accommodate members interests with the same outlook as Knit and Natter Group

Painting for pleasure


To promote a basic interest in painting.
To enable each person to express their own interpretation when painting or drawing.
To learn from the occasional demonstrations of various media and techniques.
Any expertise needed: As tuition is not given members are expected to have some painting and drawing ability.
Painting 2

To encourage members to paint.
For beginners this entails the basics – colour mixing, composition, perspective etc.

We learn from each other. For more experienced painters the meeting provides an uninterrupted 3 hours to paint, improve and learn from the leader and other group members.

Any expertise needed: None needed. (see attached sheet paragraph 4)

Patchwork 1 and 2


To provide an introduction to the design and techniques for patchwork and progress onto more complex articles.



To try a little of each type of needle work; canvas, hardager, surface embroidery, black work, felt work, stump etc. All leading to starting a personal project.



To enjoy friendly and competitive bridge.


To play the game to win but in a friendly, happy atmosphere.
Rummikub This Group meets weekly to play this very interesting card game


To provide a friendly environment for people to learn and improve their abilities with regard to the game of Scrabble in a slightly competitive situation.
To provide instruction and help as necessary.

Whist & Partner Whist


To be able to play a friendly game of cards and to meet other like minded people


To understand the basis of architectural development. To provide group members with the ability to look at any building and grasp its place in time and period.

Antiques & Collectables


Aims and Objectives of the group: To learn and share experiences about antiques,
“Collectables” and related topics.
Changing Times To study informally the impact on ordinary people of political, economic, social and cultural changes over the last three centuries in particular.

English Heritage

To learn more in depth about an aspect of English Heritage, e.g. author , painter, musician, actor, place, institution or renowned person

Family History

To provide support in a friendly and enthusiastic environment in the researching and learning of how to search for one’s ancestors, and therefore produce a “Family Tree”.
Offer of personal help is given to the new member, from the leader.


To learn about Heraldry. To be able to understand the Rules and terminology of Heraldry.
Local HistoryLocal History The aim of this group is to have talks, presentation and discussions on the local History of Dunstable and the surrounding area. There will be occasional visits arranged to local places and buildings of interest in the area.
London HistoryLondon History Looking at the history of London with talks by speakers on various aspects of the history of London along with visits to the capital to look and view many of the old historical parts of London

Bookworms 1

To read and discuss a new book every month and to read the occasional poem. To circulate bought paperbacks with the rest of the group.

Bookworms 2

1. To allow reading to cut across personal preferences
2. To develop dialogue on the experience of the read
3. To encourage honest exploration of responses to the book read
4. To avoid a snobbish approach to reading

Bookworms 3

Extend reading topics, autobiographies etc. Discuss books read.
Bookworms 4 This is another new Group formed recently to accommodate the members on a waiting list
Discussion group

To encourage discussion of a subject chosen by a member of the group

To discuss a variety of topics that are not political or religious

French 1

To bring together people who share an interest in France and the French language. We aim to improve all aspects of our knowledge of France and its language through a variety of activities, which may include listening, reading, speaking and writing.

French 2

To provide opportunity to practise and, hopefully, improve members' knowledge of French and to meet with other who share an interest in France and the French way of life. To improve vocabulary, pronunciation skills and awareness of grammer
French for Beginners This Group has been formed so that members who have little or no knowledge of French can learn
German Members have shown an interest to learn this language so the Group has recently been started.


To aquire the facility to read classical Latin
Poetry and Play Reading To read poems and/or plays at the meetings.


To provide a wider interest in and knowledge and understanding of poetry and literature through personal reading and group discussion.

Poetry Reading

To share the enjoyment of reading poetry aloud with like- minded members.
• To hold six meetings each session
• To fully participate in the meeting
• As a group select monthly themes
• To enjoy the well known poets/poems; discover the lesser known poets and poems of the
past, and share with the members our favourite poets and poems
• On occasions – to invite local poets; attend poetry readings; visits out
Any expertise needed: None, other than an interest in and enjoyment of poetry.

Shakespeare Appreciation Group

From each text
• we consider the social and political context of the play
• study the eloquence and beauty of the poetic language
• consider the characters, their motivations, their values, beliefs and importance to the play
• consider themes within the play (eg mercy/revenge, love/hate, prejudices/racism, values/loyalty)
• consider the timelessness of Shakespeare and how we still empathise/care about these issues today.
Literature 19th Century (Groups 1&2) To cater for and promote a wider interest in, and knowledge of 19th century literature though personal reading and group discussion.
Verse and Worse Another recently formed group and await the details from the leader as to how the group operate.


Aims & Objectives To enjoy singing with others as a social activity. Singing lowers stress, exercises the lungs and improves blood circulation. It has also been proved to boost the immune system and promote a feeling of well being.


Expertise A wish to enjoy singing

Equipment needed None


Maximum No in Group 70


Location, day and time of Meetings. The Parlour in the Methodist Church on 1st, 2nd,4th and 5th Mondays of each month 2pm to 3.40pm


Activities Vocal exercises, learning new songs, revising songs and preparing for concerts

Classical Music 2 and 3

To increase our knowledge and understanding of music, thereby enhancing our enjoyment and appreciation.

Hand chimes

Hand Chimes Group



To afford a social occasion where people can meet and exercise the mind in the making of music. Where opportunities present themselves the group seeks to provide concert programmes to external groups in the Dunstable/Luton area.
Jazz AppreciationJazz Appreciation This group meets monthly to listen to most forms of Jazz but mainly Modern and Big Band Jazz. Each member will bring along either a CD, Record, Memory Stick or MP4 with their choice of music and give an explanation of the musicians, band line up, when and where recorded and why they enjoy the artists.

Light Music

Light music

To share knowledge and enjoyment of all types of music – except classical – already catered for.

Recorders 2

To play together music at an appropriate level and enjoy the challenge of something new

Recorder Consort

Playing for pleasure and in so doing hoping to improve our ensemble skills. We play music written or arranged for recorders usually in four parts. Descant, treble, tenor and bass…
Composers may be anywhere from 15th to 21st centuries.
Ukulele (Beginners) This is a new group just starting but is for members who want to learn how to play this instrument and enjoy the music.
Ukulele Players

Another group formed recently as members had shown an interest in playing this instrument













Education and Entertainment

Dunstable Transport U3A

Discussions and visits to transport related venues

Gardening See below

Gardening 3,and 5


The group meets monthly where members with a keen interest in gardening can share their knowledge, exchange ideas and take a full and active part in the group. The programme for the year covers winter meetings – October to April and summer outings – May to September.
Winter: Talks on specialist subjects by guest speakers; Group discussions on agreed topics;
Question and answer sessions; Competitions; Plant exchange; Practical demonstrations and visits to local nurseries for practical workshops.
Summer: Visits to specialist gardens, locally and outside of the area; Visits to members gardens;
Occasional group flower and produce shows and Group garden holidays
Gardening 4 (Flowerpots)Flowerpots Garden To the group a great social day out with great garden surrounds.

Dolls House and Miniatures

To share ideas and skills applicable to our chosen hobby.
Everyday Psychology A new group started recently and await more details of how the group function


To amuse ourselves by discussing some of the philosophical conundrums that have cropped up
over the ages;

To discover how the methods of philosophical enquiry might help us better understand our world;

To enjoy meeting others with similar interests, share our experiences and make friends.

Theology This group only formed recently so await details of the groups activities

Wine Appreciation 1

To understand how wine is made and to appreciate the qualities of different grape varieties.
Wine Appreciation 2 This Group has the same interests as group 1

Sunday Lunch Club 2

To socialise with like-minded members whilst enjoying Sunday lunch.

Theatre Club

To bring together people interested in the theatre in its broadest sense.
• To organise visits to plays, musicals, operas, ballet, concerts
• To advertise events with booking lists
• To provide or support transport – by coach to out of area venues or members offering lifts to local venues
• To invite speakers/artistes to main meetings
• To hold informal meetings – to discuss performances seen; to impart information; encourage ideas from members; to post events noted by individuals that members might like to organise themselves and attend with one or two like-minded people
• To provide members with Theatre Club General rules

This Group folded about 12 months ago but there has been recent interest to start up again

Travel Group


To hold bi-monthly meetings with members and usually arranging speakers who can give interesting travel talks and presentations. Also to promote forthcoming Travel Group holidays.



To familiarise members with PC, tablet or smartphone systems & applications. Members should have a basic working knowledge of computers.

The computer group meets at the Houghton Regis library on 3rd Wednesday of the month, 2.00 – 4.00 pm. (excl Aug & Dec). During each session, the presenter will normally cover three basic introductions to PC, tablet or smartphone related subjects, in the hope that one or more will be of interest, followed by question and answers. Notes are issued and the PowerPoint slides used to support the presentations can be view on our website, easily accessed from the ‘Home’ page by clicking the link ‘Computer Group notes/ Presentations’


Digital Photography and Imaging

To learn from each other how to improve our photography and present it in a desirable way with an aim to keep improving. Be able to understand how to edit the photo using suitable software to enhance the quality and send photos via email and be aware of file size. To print photos on different type media to any required size.
Digital Photo Editing To understand the structure of a digital image from camera to printed picture

To have knowledge and ability to change images by removing objects, altering colour composition, move objects from picture to picture, add text, cropping, straightening, sharpening, and brightening up.

Use of layers, use of computer software and hands on experience


To promote and improve photographic techniques with study of photography, i.e. the history, technology, making the best use of equipment, both digital and film cameras. Attending photographic exhibitions.

Science and Technology

To inform group members about science in general and about scientists and inventors.