THE HOUSE AT RIVERTON by Kate Morton read in April 2010


This story is told by 90 year old Grace when she looks back on her early years as a house maid to an aristocratic family living at Riverton. A film is to be made about the family and Grace is asked for her first hand knowledge . However there is a secret known to Grace about a killing which must remain untold for ever. In fact there are many secrets - who is Grace in relation to the family, what is the Father really up to, why do the sisters no longer speak to one another, what is the meaning of the children’s game, who is Robbie in love with ?There are many clues easily deciphered but the biggest secret revealed to the reader at the end of the book will never publicly revealed.

This book is an easy read, rather too long and somewhat contrived. The time changes and use of Grace as the narrator are handled well The group thought it a good light read but were intrigued to know how Grace had developed from the housemaid of her youth to become an academic archeologist in later life. We wanted to know more about Grace and wonder if the author is planning to reveal all in another book. This is the first novel by Kate Morton, a young Australian . She has researched the time and class of the characters well.