Bookworms 1

Leader/Coordinator: Raynor Koch

Aims and Objectives of the group: To read and discuss a new book every month and to read the occasional poem. To circulate bought paperbacks with the rest of the group.


Any expertise needed: To have some literacy understanding.

Equipment needed (rough costs if any): Borrowed books from the library.

Maximum number permitted in the group: Varies between 9 and 12, but no more as it is dependent on the number of a book that the library can allow at any one time.


Location, day and time of meetings: Dunstable library, 1st Monday of the month, 10:00am to 12:00noon.

A brief description of a typical meeting:
The session starts with any outstanding business. This is then followed by a discussion on our
latest book – this discussion time varies according to how interesting the book was. A coffee
break is taken followed by the reading of poems if there is enough time left. The session finishes with any other business.