Leader/Coordinator: Anne Birchall

Aims and Objectives of the group: To provide a friendly environment for people to learn and improve their abilities with regard to the game of Scrabble in a slightly competitive situation. To provide instruction and help as necessary.

Any expertise needed: All levels of ability are accepted but it does help to be able to spell.

Equipment needed (rough costs if any): None.

Maximum number permitted in the group: 24 members comfortably, but up to 30 is possible.

Location, day and time of meetings: Luton Road Methodist Church, Thursdays, 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

A brief description of a typical meeting: We draw for playing partners, usually 3 to a table but may be 2 or4 depending on numbers signing in.
A game may be over quite quickly (20-25mins) in which case it may be possible to play another “quick” game with the same partners before tea break. The winners move one way and the losers another so the second /third game is with different partners.
At the moment a completion is being held for the person to make the most seven letter words over a six month period. Seven letter words score a bonus of 50 points.
We have had competitions against Luton Scrabble group in the past.