In 2019 we’ll continue to discuss up to 3 subjects in the hope that at least one will be of interest. Naturally, because of the time available, only the basics can be discussed but by popular vote we can go more in depth on a subject during a following session. Intention is to have about 15 mins questions and answers and possibly, homework. Click on the links below to see copies of notes issued and PowerPoint slides used during the presentations.



Date Click link below to view Subjects & comments
Notes & Presentation Slides 2019
Mar 2019



IP addresses.  Home wireless set up showing IP addresses to devices and internet. Changing router password. Virtual Private Network (VPN). Magic tricks on a PC and Android phone
Feb 2019



WORD tips, greeting card. W10 upgrade 1809 new features incl phone, dark mode etc. The Internet of Things (IoT) - smart lights, fridges, fitness trackers etc., some examples of use & misuse
Jan 2019



W10 Photo app; making a video from your photos & clips. Backup using memory stick, disk or SD cards. Deleting files/folder, recycle and erasing. Apple tablet - settings & some interesting apps.
Notes and Presentation Slides 2018
Jan 2018

Notes: Sharing, Google Slides & Windows 10 feature updates

Slides: ----ditto------

Feb 2018

Notes: Posters, Spotify & Libra Office

Slides:      - ditto -

Mar 2018

Notes: Passwords, File Exp hints & Hangouts

Slides:       - ditto -

John Flowers also gave a demo/ discussion on Interest Rates & Energy Suppliers
Apr 2018

Notes: Security, TV Chromecast & Fund raising

Slides:       -ditto -

May 2018

Notes: W10 settings, Excel & Radio

Slides:       - ditto -

June 2018

Notes: F Explorer, Google maps & activity

Slides:      -ditto -

July 2018 Notes: MBytes, CCleaner & 10 tips John F gave presentation. DL on hols.
Sept 2018

Notes: Virtual libr, Google trips & tips

Slides:      -ditto-



Notes: LPA, G -Trips & Translate

Slides; -ditto-

Nov 2018

Notes: W10 photo app etc

Slides: W10 photo app etc

Note & slides cover: W10 photo app, photo backups to cloud, printing from phones/tablets, scams & eCards
Notes and Presentation Slides 2017
Jan 2017

Notes: Intro to:- PowerPoint, scams & Google calendar

Slides: PowerPoint - Scams - Google Calendar

Slides: Google calendar

Q & A on:

TalkTalk mail, PayPal, Amazon & scams

Feb 2017

Notes:Intro to VLC, YouTube & Google Cloud

Slides:Intro to VLC, YouTube & Google Cloud

Q & A on:

Mail Pic attachments, W10 tiles, Libra ofiice & Google cloud

Mar 2007

Notes: Google Office - W10 Photo app - Bluetooth setup

Slides: Google Office - W10 Photo app - Bluetooth

Q & A on:

PC slow startup, placing tiles on start screen, dealing with Microsoft office product and Google's cloud office

Apr 2017

Notes: Android phone - CD to mp3 - mp3 music to smartphone

Slides: Ditto

May 2017

Notes: Org apps - CD transfer to smartphone

Slides: Ditto

June 2017

Notes: File Explorer & iPad

Slides: File Explorer & iPad

Because the weather was very hot & some illness, we decided to demo the iPad,discuss backups and saving music to a memory stick. Will leave File Explorer to another day
July 2017 Notes: Virus/ malware Presentation by John Flowers. Covered Virus, malware, File Hippo downloads, Twitter etc
Aug 2017 No meeting
Sept 2017

Notes: Browsers, QR codes, W10 Creator upgrade

Slides: Browsers, QR codes

Oct 2017

Notes: Data Matrix codes, Address labels with Google docs/ sheets

Slides: - ditto -

Nov 2017

Notes: Address labels, Cards & Posters

Slides:      -ditto -

Notes and Presentation Slides 2016
Basic Computing demonstration (< 1/2 hr) Members selected subject ( 1 1/2 Hrs)
Jan 2016

Notes: Hardware, bits & bytes, mouse & external components

Slides: Hardware, bits & bytes, mouse & external connections

Articles: Scams - email me.
Feb 2016 Notes: Cursor, Keyboard, Taskbar & System Tray

Slides: Cursor, Keyboard, Taskbar & System Tray

Notes: The Cloud & MS Office

Slides: The Cloud & MS Office

Mar 2016

Notes: Recycle bin, personalising desktop & short cuts

Slides: Recycle bin, personalising desktop & short cuts

Notes: Windows 10 features & security

Slides: Installing Windows 10 & security

Apr 2016

Notes: Start menu & deleting a program

Slides: Start menu & deleting a program

Notes: Notes: Dud was ill, John stepped in
May 2016

Notes: Application windows - max, min etc

Slides: see troubleshooting slides

Notes: Troubleshooting

Slides: Troubleshooting

June 2016

Notes: Windows Explorer

Slides: Windows Explorer

Notes: Google Apps

Slides: Google Apps

July 2016 Notes: Self study - World Wide Web & browser Notes: Stay safe on line by John
Sept 2016

Notes: Windows 10 Start screen

Slides: Windows 10 & AU Start screens

Slides: Apple iPad & iPod

A demo followed of different apps

Oct 2016

Notes: Windows 10 Cortana

Slides: Windows 10 Cortana

From net:    Fun things to ask Cortana

Notes: Speech to Text setup

From net: List of commands

Nov 2016

Notes: W10 Edge browser

Slides: Edge & Gadgets presentation

Notes: Gadgets

Slides: Gadgets & Edge

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